Lifetime Powertrain Warranty


Coverage Highlights

► Lifetime PowertrainCoverage
► Coverage is Identical to Manufacturer's PowertrainWarranty
► $100 Deductible
► Good anywhere in the US andCanada
► Claim Credit Card payments available for out-of-network repair facilities.
► Insured by Virginia Surety, A-A.M. BestRated
► Administered byTWS



► New Vehicles -Current Model year or 1 back, up to 5,000 miles on the odometer
► Used Vehicles -Current Model year and up to 8 back, up to 80,000 miles on the odometer
► Limited Warranty may only be issued at the time of vehicle purchase, prior to delivery.
► Vehicles to be used commercially, for competition, for speed events or rented to others are not eligible.
► Trucks over one (1) ton and motor homes are not eligible for coverage.
► Vehicles manufactured as non-U.S. specification vehicles are not eligible.
► Total loss, salvaged, rebuilt and flood damaged vehicles are not eligible.
► Vehicles that have been modified from the manufacturer's original specifications are not eligible.

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